Spay Neuter Saves Lives!

Did you know that approximately 270 animals are euthanized every hour, in the United States? This only includes what can be "quantified", not all the senseless deaths of animals in our communities (in back yards, on the streets, etc.). It does not include all the animals living, warehoused and miserable. The number one threat animals face is there are TOO MANY! Too many kittens, too many cats, too many puppies, too many dogs. Our mind-set of "spay the mom after having an unwanted litter" and "give away" the pups/kittens (without those being fixed) only means MORE unwanted next season, and so on and so on... There are NOT enough committed homes. Every litter hurts. We are better and smarter than this. SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER!

2018 So Far:

Lives Saved

2 days ago

Spay/Neuter Coalition

Gainesville, GA: Sooo many precious dogs and cats awaiting their forever homes... go visit them today! 😻🐢Easter has completely taken over the HSNEGA Adoption Center! Tomorrow, April 20, come find somebunny to love during our Somebunny Adopt Me adoption special! All cats and dogs 4 months and older will have $50 adoption fees!!!!!! *Some restrictions apply.

Adoption Center hours are Tues-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5. The pups and kitties can't wait to meet you! Special thanks to @PicsbyJessica @CrystalAlbaPhotography @wentzekphotography for the PAWesome outdoor photos!
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6 days ago

Spay/Neuter Coalition

Attention: Dalton, GA
Spay/neuter spots open for this Saturday! Great prices!Dalton. We still have some limited slots for surgeries this Saturday. Please give us a call so we can get your babies taken care of!!
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Attention: Dalton, GA 
Spay/neuter spots open for this Saturday! Great prices!

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