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Did you know that approximately 270 animals are euthanized every hour, in the United States? This only includes what can be "quantified", not all the senseless deaths of animals in our communities (in back yards, on the streets, etc.). It does not include all the animals living, warehoused and miserable. The number one threat animals face is there are TOO MANY! Too many kittens, too many cats, too many puppies, too many dogs. Our mind-set of "spay the mom after having an unwanted litter" and "give away" the pups/kittens (without those being fixed) only means MORE unwanted next season, and so on and so on... There are NOT enough committed homes. Every litter hurts. We are better and smarter than this. SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER SPAY NEUTER!

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10 hours ago

Spay/Neuter Coalition

Good info for pet owners...Please help us spread the word about this. We are seeing more and more Sago Palm's for sale as house plants. We were very disappointed to see that the Sago Palm plants in some stores still have no warning label. These plants are very toxic to pets. It takes a very small dose to cause liver failure. Many dogs don't survive, even with treatment. We took the picture on the left at Home Depot (warning tag) and the one on the right at Walmart. (None of the Sago's at that Walmart had warning tags.) These have also been seen at Target and Ikea.

Familiarize yourself with its distinctive appearance, because often they are just called "palm plants" (technically they are not palms, but cycads) or not labeled at all.

Edited to ad: The seeds are the most toxic part of the plant, but these small versions usually are not big enough to produce seeds. However, the entire plant is toxic, so please be careful. Also, we are veterinarians. If you have a plant you would like ID'd please consult a horticulturist near you. Many of you are sending pictures of the more common Majesty Palms and asking about those. Those are fine. But we aren't familiar with the appearance of every plant, especially if they aren't grown or sold in our area.
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Good info for pet owners...Image attachment


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azaleas are too.

10 hours ago

Spay/Neuter Coalition

Identification. Such a simple thing, right? Sadly, this simple step is so often skipped. Three very fortunate dogs (just in the last month), were able to get back home thanks to the Rabies tags we put on their donated collars (their only traceable ID). #LoveyourpetsIDyourpets ... See MoreSee Less

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