How Can You Help?

When you volunteer for Spay/Neuter Coalition, you will learn right away that you’re working with an effective organization with a worthy cause. We are a very hard-working group of individuals who are passionate about reducing our severe pet overpopulation and resulting needless euthanasia. We know spaying and neutering saves lives –now we find ways to tell everyone else! Here are some ways you can help us:

snc-shelter-puppy-dog1. Drivers: We need drivers! Drive either your own vehicle or our van to pick up a crated pet for spay/neuter surgery at a low-cost clinic. This might be a 1-day/1-trip mission, or you may want to drive for us on regular basis (maybe one morning each week.) Some low-income or elderly pet owners don’t have transportation, so we help them out when we can. A valid drivers license and good driving record required.

2. Outreach Projects Help: We need volunteers who will go with us to trailer parks, rural, or low income areas in need of spay/neuter/rabies vaccination help and education. Usually, we’ll set up a table and park our supply vehicle next to it. We often work with animal shelter staff or pet-food banks at these events. We administer vaccinations, apply flea treatment, give out donated pet food and supplies (like bowls and collars), answer lots of questions, hand out information and resource flyers, and sign up pets for sterilization surgery. We need volunteers to offer a set of helping hands for these outreach days.

We also set up our table at festivals, concerts, football games, parades, and similar community events to hand out flyers about the benefits of pet sterilization and about nearby high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinics and programs.

3. Copying, printing, signage, screen-printing, graphic arts, art work, photography, or similar: If you are in a position to let us make some copies or create/reproduce marketing materials for us occasionally (bookmarkers, car magnets, flyers, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc.), please let us know. “In-kind donations” of this type are tax deductible and are truly needed.

snc-photo orange kitten in cage4. Gift cards to Office Depot, Office Max, PetSmart, or PetCo are greatly appreciated and tax deductible, too. They can be mailed to us. (Our P.O. Box is on the “Contact Us” page.)

5. If you are an artist, craftsman, celebrity, or an entertainer and you’d like to donate your talent, time, or your artwork to us for a fundraising event, please let us know.

6. Donate Pet Items: Lastly, we always need sturdy leashes, dog collars, “break-away” cat collars, stainless steel bowls, oatmeal/ sensitive-skin dog shampoos (not flea/tick shampoos), and FrontLine Plus or “Pronyl Plus” Flea & Tick Treatment. Pronyl Plus is in a purple box at Publix stores. Of course, Publix gift cards are also helpful.

7. Donate money: Spay/Neuter Coalition relies entirely on private donations, grants, and corporate gifts for our operating expenses and all of the work we do. You may mail a check to us or make a payment by PayPal here on our website. Every $5 or $10 donation to us makes a difference in a pet’s life (or in the lives of many pets.) We would also be very grateful if you will consider leaving us a legacy gift in your will.

To volunteer to help or to discuss any of these possibilities with us, please fill out our “Contact Us” form and we’ll get back to you right away. We would also be delighted to speak to your classroom, association, or group. We would love to hear from you!

We hope you will help us improve and save pets’ lives.