Did you know?

Did you know that in the United States, the state of Georgia is one of the worst offenders for pet overpopulation and homelessness? In 2010, approximately 100,000 animals were tragically euthanized in Georgia shelters.

That’s about 275 animals per day, and the majority of them were puppies and kittens.

Unwanted litters and opting to buy instead of adopt are the top two reasons these numbers are so high.

Also, reclaim rates for lost pets are very low in Georgia (only about 10%). Unless owners diligently look for their lost pets and are sure to check local shelters, their pets usually don’t make it back home.

The influx of puppies and kittens entering our county shelters throughout the spring and summer is staggering. Some shelters take in as many as 60+ pets per day.

The solution is spay, neuter, and educate. Many people are not aware of the resources available to help them get their pets spayed and neutered. Many people don’t know how safe pediatric spay and neuter is, or that their pet will actually be healthier and live longer if sterilized.

The threat of uterine or testicular infections and cancer in pets is very real. Spaying/neutering will help reduce the risk. Most experts agree that we should have our pets altered before their first heat cycle. Sterilizing your pet also reduces marking, spraying, and aggressive behaviors, as well as roaming and fighting.

We focus on educating the public about the benefits of sterilization and the severe overpopulation problem being caused by not altering our pets. We also actually implement more spay/neuter with our hands-on outreach projects. We at Spay/Neuter Coalition are making a lasting impact on our pet overpopulation problem.