Our mission at Spay/Neuter Coalition is to reduce pet overpopulation and homelessness by promoting and implementing more spay/neuter via education, networking, and outreach. We educate the public about the many high-quality, low-cost clinics and options already available in Georgia.

We are a positive and innovative 501(C) 3 non-profit group based in Woodstock, Georgia. We collaborate with mission-similar organizations as well as with veterinarians, animal rescue groups, schools and colleges, pet-food banks, animal shelters, and some wonderful volunteers and donors.

In schools, colleges, and civic groups, we teach about pet overpopulation and homelessness, responsible pet ownership, and the benefits of sterilization. Our outreach missions target low-income areas, trailer parks, and rural sections of Georgia where the incidence of unwanted litters is highest. We assist with vaccinations, flea prevention, spay/neuter information and surgery sign-up, as well as education and on-going resources. We help people get their pets sterilized so their pets can live better, healthier lives.

Spay/Neuter Coalition relies entirely on foundation grants, and private and corporate donations to fund our work.

We hope to be a model for similar organizations with our methods, effectiveness, and enthusiasm.

There is a solution to our severe and tragic pet overpopulation problem:

Spay~ Neuter~ Educate.